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Department of Soil Science and Water Resources

The vision of the SSWR in achieving the vision of the faculty of agriculturethrough the following:
• Provide academic environment to help the student to learn and develop its culture, and to give opportunities for the staff of the faculty to perform their scientific mission.
• Excellence in teaching methods for the supply of qualified cadres to community and developing the production of healthy food from the available natural resources through sustainable agricultural development, preservation of the environment and community service, and able to implement agricultural policies and competition locally and globally.
• Encourage scientific research for sustainable agriculture production, and is able of worldwide competition.
• Participation of SSWR in the agricultural and scientific conferences,and in the assessment of projects
• Providing the results of scientific research and consultancy for investors and decision-makers.
• Strengthen the channels of extension services, community service and the development of rural communities.
The Program of the SSWRcontributes in the college’s mission, which seeks to discover the dissemination and application of knowledge to efficient management of natural resources in order to provide food and sustainable agricultural development with the preservation of the environment.
As the department to prepare qualified personnel for the development of agricultural production and community service by doing applied research to find solutions to the problems of society in the field of Agricultural especially the fields of soil and water resources as well as to participate in the implementation of extensionservices for the transfer of knowledge and the results of applied research and to participate with other departments locally, regionally and internationally to develop educationand scientific research.
The objectives of the SSWR in achieving the objectives of the faculty of agriculture through the following:
• Provide graduate students for higher studies with practical skills and theory in the field of soil and water sciences. Also, students should be able to apply their knowledgeof the principles in agriculture to the benefit of the nation.
• Make a excellent relationship with other departments and other faculties and research centers, and with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Environment.
• Develop the program and academic courses to meet the requirements of society.
• Improve the quality of soil reclamation and maximize the return of the soilunit and water unit, and give special attention to desert soils, which require special skills.
• Special focuson the rational use of water and prevent soil and water pollution
• Investment of information technology (IT) for the development of education, research and community service.
• Apply a quality assurance program to develop performance rates in education, research and community service.
• Develop a strategy for scientific research linked to the need to increase the yield of the unit of soil, water and sustainable increase in agricultural land area to meet the needs of the community.
• Integration with specialties and capabilities and available resources in the faculty,university,  research centers,  and other universities.
• Encourage local and international cooperation for the development of education systems,  scientific research and exchange of experiences.

The department of soil science and water resources (SSWR) was established in 2012 as one of the fivedepartments in the faculty of agriculture of the University.  The department offersa 4‑year degree programme leading to B.Sc. in agriculture.

The department is  interested in  studying soil science in terms of origin and composition, classification and listing and chemical and physical properties, soil fertility and soil organisms of the soil types at regional and global level, and the department gives special attention to the soil as an environment for plant growth with the properties andsoil quality assessments.  Also, the relationship of soil with waterand plant, as well as techniques of fertilization with irrigationand identifying the needs of water and fertilizer depending on the soil and water data and the impact on environmental pollution and contamination of soil, water and plants in particular.

The department will be given special attention to the field of fertilizers, fertilization and plant nutrition as well as remote sensing (RS)techniques and geographic information systems and their applications in various areas of natural resource listing and management of soil, water and agriculture in general.

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