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Department of Animal Production

The radiation center section of the Advanced Education and Scientific Research and scientific advice for investment projects locally, regionally and globally. And adopt plans in the standards of quality and reliability for the preparation of graduates are able to provide food and achieve food security.
Follow the latest international educational systems and developed for the preparation of engineers and researchers to meet the needs of the agricultural labor market and community service.                                 
1 – Development and implementation of scientific programs and support investment in science and technology of livestock.
2 – the dissemination of scientific knowledge through the adoption of the highest international quality standards.
3 – community awareness of the importance of safety and health of livestock products.
4 – supplement the scientific and research institutions and service cadres competent science of livestock and support the development plans.

Has been the opening section of livestock in the 2006-2007 academic year has been receiving students
In the first stage and classrooms had one and three laboratories.
Skills and the outputs of the educational process of the department
Gets the student section graduate with a degree in Agricultural Science – Animal Wealth
Infrastructure Department
1 – Classrooms: There are three classrooms for 40 students, and they Hakim and Hall Hall Hall section and the field of animal.
2 – Laboratory: There are five laboratories in the section a computer lab, chemistry lab, Physiology Laboratory, Public Health Laboratory, Laboratory Animal Nutrition
3 – Offices, chambers of teaching in Iraq: President of the Chamber section, decision section room, secretary room, college room, the room test scores. Room, free education, room students, room store section.
4 – The fields of animal are two types:
A – poultry field: There are four rooms for a very modern poultry and turnkey construction is rare likeness of the level of Iraq, guaranteed room is divided into rooms of the BRC for the purpose of conducting research studies note that the higher the heating and cooling of the central type. Room with exposed for breeding ducks, turkeys, and domestic chickens.
B – There are three pens model (German origin) for raising sheep, cows and calves and buffaloes half shaded according to the latest global systems and delivery rooms and a room veterinarian.
Welcome From the Chief of Department

God’s blessing and continued support from the president Dr Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil Al-Essa esteemed and support the commendable of Mr. Dean Prof. Dr. Saadoun Abdul Hadi Sadoun Elageel Esquire was the opening section of livestock in the 2006-2007 academic year after it has been the creation of all supplies of human and educational and training to be a tributary scientifically added to the march of scientific to our university dear and went on the march of science in this section is technical and flourishing fruit in the 2009-2010 school year graduated the first batch of our students dear to be elements of effective leadership in society and contribute in building our great Iraq and that we have added a building block said the great Iraq.

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