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Department of Plant Protection

Aspires Plant Protection Department to be the best in education and scientific research and provide tips and advice that contribute to the scientific value of Progress for agricultural crops to the highest levels of protection and the risk of pest plants that are threatened by many for the benefit of society.
Mission of the department in the application of educational systems modern world to create a generation of agronomists and researchers capable of solving all the problems related to agricultural production, as well as carrying out the studies and scientific research that would raise the level of scientific and practical for staff competent in the field of plant protection.
1. Dissemination of knowledge between the layers of the community about the importance of the safety of agricultural products such as free of diseases and pesticide residues, etc..
2. Conduct scientific research that contribute to the creation of alternative solutions on the use of pesticides.
3. Development of awareness of farmers and agricultural workers in the field of agriculture and the dissemination of new information to get the best agricultural products.
4. Cooperation with other government agencies Kalmrakz extension and research and agriculture departments in the province of Najaf and other provinces in order to exchange experiences and knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the field of agriculture and plant protection.

Founded in 1997 and the section contains six classrooms and also includes a number of scientific laboratories, namely: –
1 – Laboratory insects.
2 – Pathology Laboratory.
3 – Laboratory of Microbiology.
4 – chemistry lab.
5 – Laboratory Plant Physiology.
6 – Laboratory Alnima Toda.
7 – Laboratory bees.
8 – Number of lab computers (2).
9 – dissolved.
10 – Laboratory of Biological Chemistry.
Welcome From the Chief of Department

The Plant Protection Department,collegeofAgriculture, one of the basic sections since its inception in 1997. And respect to Section taught agricultural science in the fields of plant protection and protection against diseases that afflict, as the department to conduct applied research and the process that aims to raise the productivity of crops and maintain the quality as well as their relevance to the environmental conditions ofIraq. In addition to The Department of Prevention aims to produce graduates of national cadres and Agriculture in the areas of plant protection (pesticides control pests, and insecticides) have scientific knowledge and intellectual skills, artistic and different professional and integrated what qualifies them to work in the agricultural sectors of different access to the production optimization of field crops and control to the needs of the local consumer.

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