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University President on an inspection visit to our college

During his visit to the faculties of the university, Professor Mohsen Al-Dhalmi, President of the University of Kufa, visited the Faculty of Agriculture. He reviewed the progress of the work and the progress made in all aspects of the college. On the level of scientific and academic through the work to create integrated classrooms and scientific laboratories equipped with the latest equipment. He pointed out the readiness of the university to support the urban projects under implementation and achievement to reduce the momentum in the number of students in some colleges, especially the Faculty of Agriculture. He called on al-Dhlami to open up to the international universities, including the Iranian universities, in order to create scientific and cultural relations between the two parties. A detailed explanation of the scientific and architectural plans that the Deanship of the College seeks to implement, including the conclusion of agreements of scientific cooperation with a number of regional and international universities. At the end of the visit, the imam expressed his admiration and satisfaction with what he learned from both the scientific and practical aspects. Dean of the College Dr. Aqeel Yousef Abdul Nabi Shukr Al-Dhlami for his visit to the college and his keenness to follow up in order to raise the level of higher education to reach universities in developed countries.

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