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Our College holds a seminar on privatization of electricity

Referring to the directives of the Prime Minister on educating citizens about the partnership contract with the private sector, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa held a seminar on the privatization of electricity entitled “The reality of the electricity sector in Iraq service and collection.” Mr. Fares Abdul- A lecture on this project and how to involve the private sector with the public sector for the purpose of providing the best services to citizens with the accuracy and speed in the completion of holidays, as well as government support for the proposed price by the Ministry of Electricity and adopted by the Prime Minister, reduced to more than 50%, on the other hand The topic was discussed The benefits of rationalization and mind of cultural phenomena in the world of the most important recommendations of the symposium are:
1) Continuing the holding of scientific seminars in various faculties of the university on the reality of electricity and the general direction of the Iraqi government to reform this vital sector.
2) Expansion of the investment activities in the electricity sector in Iraq from the construction and rehabilitation of projects related to the provision of electrical energy, regulating the entry of the private sector national and foreign investment in the field of production and distribution, and providing the legislative and institutional environment necessary for that.
3) The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to publish partnership contracts with the private sector on the service rehabilitation, maintenance and collection concluded by the Ministry of Electricity to deepen communication with the Iraqi people all.
4) Increase the real government guarantees for individuals that contribute to the success of partnership contracts with the private sector above.
5) Propose the legislation of the law of subsistence limit for the Iraqi citizen to address the cases of individuals limited and non-income, and significantly reduce the class differences in Iraqi society and accept any government initiative costing the Iraqi citizen fee or financial cost.

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