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Discussion of doctoral student Kawther Kazem Attia

The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa discussed the doctoral student (Kawther Kazem Attia) in the Department of Plant Protection. Her dissertation entitled ( Effect of water and alcohol extract of leaves of the baker’s plant to inhibit food poisoning bacteria  Clostridium perfringes). The researcher pointed out that the chemical pesticides contributed to increase the productivity of agricultural crops. However, these pesticides have the ability to pollute water, air and soil. Their presence in the environment changes many of the characteristics of vital societies and results in harmful effects on humans, animals and plants. Organic and bio-fertilizers have been used as alternative ways according to the concepts of clean or environment-friendly agriculture. Also, this alternative can be one of the modern agricultural policies that researchers have recently been interested in. It can be used as a practical and safe solution to control many plant diseases and to improve plant growth, and to prevent the environment pollution.

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