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Discussed the doctoral student Bashar Kazem Hadi

A doctoral student Bashar Kazem Hadi at the University of KufaFaculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection, defended his dissertation entitled (Molecular and Chemical Diagnosis of Cuscuta spp. And the stimulation of phylogenetic resistance in eggplant) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fadel Hussein Al-Sahaf and Prof. Dr. Fadel Abdul Hussein Al Fadel.

     The study included several biological, chemical and agricultural experiments for the first time in Iraq. This study diagnosed ten inbred lines of Dodder plant world wide and two types of inbred lines in Iraq. The results of the chemical analysis revealed the discovery of chemical compounds beneficial to human health, while the results of the field experiments determined chemical compounds for plant nutrition to reduce the spread of dodder plants in the eggplant field. In addition to the use of a pesticide to control eggplant weeds, it has been confirmed that there is no residual effect of toxins in the eggplant fruits after treating. All these experiments as five research papers were published in solid international journals.

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