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Discussion of doctoral student Saba Abdul Hadi Kazim

The Faculty of Agriculture discussed the doctoral student ( Saba Abdul Hadi Kazim ) from the Department of Plant Protection – Faculty of Agriculture,University of Kufa. Dissertation title was ( a genetic study of bacteria causing angular staining disease on cucumbers and induction of systemic resistance chemically and biologically ) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabah Latif Alwan and Prof. Dr. Dreams Kazem Naim.

     Where the researcher sought in the study of field survey and phenotypic diagnosis through the field survey of angular stain on cucumber leaves for the first time in Iraq. This disease was diagnosed on the molecular and chemical level, and two strains was registered for the first time in the world. Also, the researcher detected genes responsible for some of the necessary factors  in the induction of biologically systemic resistance and extract nano-particle algae.

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