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Constructing a signboard for the faculty

        Within the framework of the continuous cooperation between state institutions and the University of Kufa, a signboard of the College of Agriculture of Kufa University was put up and implemented by the General Company for Southern Cement / Kufa Cement Factory and the installation process was carried out at …

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The issuance of a new issue of the Kufa Journal of Agricultural Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa

The College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa published the tenth volume of the first issue of 2018 from the Kufa Journal of Agricultural Sciences, a scientific journal dealing with agricultural sciences, and included 17 researches in Arabic and English. The journal received the digital object identifier (DOI Crossref …

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success story

On this day, 16/5/2018, the success story of the Agricultural Engineer (Yahya Ihsan Al Yasiri) was presented. He is one of the graduates of the first course of the academic year 2016-2017 in the Soil and Water Department / Faculty of Agriculture – Kufa University. There was a clear distinction …

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The selection of teaching in our college is scientifically resident in a global magazine

The magazine “Merit Research Journal of Agricultureul Science and Soil Science” in the Indian College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, Dr. Akram Ali Mohammed, was chosen as the scientific evaluator of the magazine, indicating that the magazine is a global scientific publication concerned with the publication of agricultural …

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Workshop on how to get genes

Dr. Wissam Adnan Radhi Al-Jaafari, PhD from the Mississippi State University in the United States of America, in the field of Plant Pathology, gave a workshop on the possibility of using genes to resist plant diseases caused by nematodes. of Plant-Parasitic nematode by using Gene Manipulation  Where the workshop focused …

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First meeting of the Committee of Experts of the Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources

Dr. Alaa Idan Hassan attended the first meeting of the committee of experts of the Department of Soil Science and Water Resources at all Iraqi universities on Tuesday 17/4/2018 held at the university Baghdad College of Agriculture. Dr. Alaa explained that the meeting discussed the curriculum of the early stages …

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