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Training course on food preservation methods

The College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa organized a training course on “Food Conservation Methods”. The course aimed at providing the opportunity for many students and scientific staff in the Department of Food Science to learn about the traditional food processing technique, mechanical cooling, food quality and standards, …

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The selection of teaching in our college is a scientific resident in a global magazine

      Magazine selected Phytochemistry Reviews   agricultural and chemical scientific research of the House Global Academic Publishing Springer  teaching at the Faculty of Agriculture – University of Kufa , Dr. Bashar Al-Kazim Hadi, the last indicating that it scientific journal concerned to publish original and high – quality research, as it is within the …

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Professors in our college receive a patent in the (unit of sterilization of milk-raw milk and artificial intelligence)

Dr. Iyad Jameel Jabr Al-Khafaji and Dr. Adnan Wahab Habib Al-Muzaffar, professors in the Food Industries Department, obtained a patent for the use of a laser sterilization unit for raw milk. The design, implementation and testing of the raw milk sterilization system operates in a non-thermal light method at various …

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Ministerial Committee on Quality of Educational Laboratories

A ministerial committee from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research visited the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa to evaluate the scientific laboratories and see the correct steps followed by the college. Assistant Director of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division Assistant Professor Afrah Abdul-Zahra Al-Jassani gave …

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