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Scientific activities

Our College is participating in the Eleventh Scientific Conference on Graduate Student Research

The students of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa participated in the 11th Scientific Conference on Student Graduation Studies for the specialties (Plant Protection, Horticulture, Garden Engineering, Food Sciences, Animal Production, Soil and Water), within the Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences. , Mohammed Baqer Abdul Hassan, Nawras Saad …

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Teaching participation in the 10th International Scientific Conference at the University of Karbala

The teacher participated in the 10th International Scientific Conference held by the Faculty of Administration and Economics at Karbala University in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Hussainia and Abbasid Tribes. The conference lasted for two days on 9-10 / 10/2018. The conference was attended by a large number …

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The selection of teaching in our college is scientifically resident in a global magazine

The magazine “Merit Research Journal of Agricultureul Science and Soil Science” in the Indian College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, Dr. Akram Ali Mohammed, was chosen as the scientific evaluator of the magazine, indicating that the magazine is a global scientific publication concerned with the publication of agricultural …

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First meeting of the Committee of Experts of the Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources

Dr. Alaa Idan Hassan attended the first meeting of the committee of experts of the Department of Soil Science and Water Resources at all Iraqi universities on Tuesday 17/4/2018 held at the university Baghdad College of Agriculture. Dr. Alaa explained that the meeting discussed the curriculum of the early stages …

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Faculty of Agriculture participates in a workshop on the production and planting of one million trees

The Agricultural Committee participated in the Faculty of Agriculture headed by the Dean of the College, Dr. Aqeel Yousef Al-Shukri, which consists of Dr. Ghaleb Bahyou and Dr. Mushtaq Taleb Al-Zarafi in the workshop held at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The research and development department was …

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Two faculty members participate in the International Agricultural Conference in Verona, Italy

Dr. Jamal Ahmed Abbas, Dr. Iyad Kazem Al-Husseini, participated in the International Agricultural Conference in the Italian city of Verona. Many agricultural and commercial companies participated in the exhibition, which presented the latest agricultural technologies and modern technologies in the field of agricultural mechanization, horticulture and soil. And water resources …

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