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Scientific activities

The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa organizes a wide volunteer campaign

      Under the slogan (university university) organized a section of student activities at the Faculty of Agriculture University of Kufa campaign for voluntary work by urging students to positive behavior and the formation of teams of volunteer work between teachers and students and work in all directions through the publication …

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The establishment of the Garden Engineering Exhibition in the Department of Horticulture and Garden Engineering

As part of the annual activities held by the Faculty of Agriculture, the Department of Horticulture and Garden Engineering held on Sunday, 16/12/2018 an exhibition “in which various models of garden designs that were designed by the students of the fourth stage and the purpose of choosing some designs for …

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A professor in our college publishes scientific research in an international journal

     Dr. Hussein Garthish Abdul-Tredisi published in the Department of Soil and Water at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa ) And the impact of soil erosion and its impact on reducing the erosion, sedimentation and stabilization of wind sediments in some desert areas of southern IraqIn the International Magazine …

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