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Ministerial Committee on Quality of Educational Laboratories

A ministerial committee from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research visited the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa to evaluate the scientific laboratories and see the correct steps followed by the college. Assistant Director of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division Assistant Professor Afrah Abdul-Zahra Al-Jassani gave …

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The College visited on Thursday February 21, 2019, Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Abdul Amir, representative of the University of Tehran / Faculty of Agriculture Abu Rehan compound and met with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and discussed bilateral relations between the two universities and the activation of the agreement …

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Teaching participation in the scientific conference on desertification and GIS

Prof. Hussain Ghritish Al-Kalabi and Assistant Professor Sahar Mohammed Jawad participated in the Department of Soil and Water Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa, in the Conference on Desertification and Geographical Information Systems held at the University of Kashan, Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to develop …

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The Head of Food Science Department Iyad Jamil Al-Khafaji Workshop on data analysis using statistical programs The workshop included a review of the statistical programs used in analyzing data in agricultural research, indicating how to enter the data and conduct the statistical analysis required according to the nature of the research …

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Our professors get a patent

Ahmed A. Dr. Amir Khalil Yaser Teaching in the Department of Soil and Water Resources. Dr.. Karim Mohammed Abbas Teaching in the Department of Soil and Water Resources and a. Dr.. Alaa Idan Hassan and Mr. Haidar Abdul Razzaq Hamza patented in the preparation of fertilizer DAP – Organic ( the DAP-o) , as the granting of the Central Agency for …

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