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Training Course on Laboratory Quality

Kufa University – Faculty of Agriculture evaluated training on course ” the quality of laboratories and internal audit according to the requirements of ISO the  ISO ” and the course aimed to familiarize participants with international standards of quality laboratories and internal audit dealt with multiple pivots on the concepts of quality, relevance and national standards for the quality of laboratories and basic programs and methods of coding …

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Discussion of doctoral student Saba Abdul Hadi Kazim

The Faculty of Agriculture discussed the doctoral student ( Saba Abdul Hadi Kazim ) from the Department of Plant Protection – Faculty of Agriculture,University of Kufa. Dissertation title was ( a genetic study of bacteria causing angular staining disease on cucumbers and induction of systemic resistance chemically and biologically ) under …

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Discussion of master student Rasha Adnan Kazem

The student Rasha Adnan Kazim from the Department of Food Sciences – Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa, defended her master thesis entitled (extraction and purification of enzyme lactanden from kiwi plant and its use in meat theory) under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Adnan Wahab Habib.      The enzyme was extracted …

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Kufa University produces high quality fertilizers

The University of Kufa / Faculty of Agriculture through a scientific and specialized team from the Department of Soil and Water Sciences, headed by Prof. Dr. (Alaa Eidan Hassan) Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture to produce several types of organic and chemical fertilizers, including fertilizer Dab fertilizer (O-DAP) and …

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Proper wheat storage methods

     A scientific article entitled “Proper wheat storage methods” was prepared by Haider Hussein Ghathith at the University of Kufa – Faculty of Agriculture in order to store the products of economic crops using some steps shown below:  In order to better store wheat crop thoroughly,  some factors should …

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