Mechanism that facilitates the introduction of student How to Apply and Ansiabatha and he has to take into account the sequence of the paragraphs below:

1 - The emergence of the central admission results.

2 - the results of the admissions in the college.

3 - start the registration of students admitted after presenting the required documents in the above.

4 - fill out the registration forms distributed by the college choices of sections with forms, complete the form shown in   .

5 - pay the registration fee.

6 - sort the names of the students as the next section (scientific)   And total.

7 - Distribution of the names on the scientific departments, according to the total and the desire of the student whether the total allows for admission to

Section Ragheb it.

8 - the issuance of an administrative order to accept students in our college and by sections.

9 - to provide students enrolled from outside the province Btadat to internal departments for the purpose of housing.



Admission Requirements:

Students are admitted in College of

1 - graduates of junior high school science only Pferaha   .

2 - graduates of agricultural colleges (10%) on the top institutes.


The names of the students admitted to the College of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Central Admissions Department is accepting students after   Bring the required documents, namely: -

1 - Document junior high school.

2 - the report of the medical examination.

3 - the card school.

4 - A copy of the certificate of Iraqi nationality.

5 - a copy of the identity of the Civil Status.

6 - a copy of the card housing.

7 - Number of Recent Photos (4).

8 - to ensure student of Legal Affairs of the Presidency of the university.


Committee will be formed for the reception, where students register students, after completing the registration process is deployed on the Forums   According to the desire of the student and what qualifies as a total for admission to the Scientific Section The totals vary acceptance from year to year, as well as lower limits for admission of students in college, where in the current academic year   The minimums to accept students of the scientific section (4 20) and will then be issued an administrative order to accept students at the college, according to the above mentioned sections.





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