Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture inspects exam halls for students of primary and graduate studies

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Professor Dr. Fadhil Hussein Al-Sahaf and his scientific and administrative visit halls test scores for students in the preliminary studies and graduate to see the conditions of the students and make the best atmosphere during their exams, Sahaf stressed during his meeting with the college professors "The scientific reality of the students and the nature of the questions according to advanced scientific basis of issues Home, which raises the overall concerns, "noting that his visit to the halls exam and follow-up for students is to address the problems and reduce their occurrence, if any, and provide the most appropriate environment for them in line with the process of scientific and academic advancement and to achieve an advanced level of students to create armed with the best modern university output generation, and stressed Sahaf during the visit, the need for ways of enhancing the academic process and to overcome all the obstacles for students of primary and graduate studies at the college, pointing to the importance of perseverance and achieving the highest percentage of scientific excellence to confront all challenges. In the same context, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Ayad Kadhim Ancoche confirmed Al inclusion of questions for subjects and the process of organizing viewings and supplies necessary schedules examinations, providing appropriate to be performed atmosphere, said that 744 students had led examinations of the total of the five sections divided into two rooms, seminars and be ranking the two periods, hall individually to graduate students, has gone practical exam without any violations or problems in all respects, has Ancoche stressed that the college has made significant efforts to provide what you need and practical exam conducted so as to ensure high smoothly.

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