Teaching staff of the Faculty of Agriculture published papers in the journal Journal of Plant Biology Research

Prof. Dr. Jamal Ahmed Abbas, head of the department gardening and landscaping, and the teacher Mushtaq Talib Hammadi teaching in the Department of gardening and landscaping is marked by the deployment of search

Effect of Spraying with Liquorice Roots Extract and Vitamin C on vegetative and flowering parameters of stock plant mathiola incana L.

In the magazine Journal of Plant Biology Research, one of the magazines site L. Thomson and Reuters on plant Wallflower (Alhboa) at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly Yugoslavia).

It is one of the important ornamental plants in the world and Iraq, as grown in the public and private gardens are very wide, in addition to its use Couches pots. They found through their results to improve vegetative growth indicators in addition to increasing the number of inflorescences and the number of florets per inflorescence tasks in improving and developing the image and aesthetic flowering of this important plant.

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