Teaching staff of Faculty of Agriculture get membership of the Asian Society of Chemistry and Life Sciences and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Laith Jaafar Hussein Hnoosh teaching staff of the Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa got membership (Senior Membership) of Asian Association for Chemistry and Life Sciences and Environmental Engineering (CBEES), a leading international scientific society specialized areas of chemistry, life sciences, environmental engineering and fall within the specialties of Agricultural Sciences and has a large number of academic and scientific journals, which aims to spread research and the Assembly organized numerous scientific conferences and events around the world each year, and has members from academic professors in various knowledge and science fields from a large number of countries in the world, but it must be pointed out that the College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa embraces A group of scientists and innovators in various scientific disciplines and posts them to research published in scientific journals and international activities in the countries of Europe and America.

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