Faculty of Agriculture receives an academic delegation from Tehran University in Iran

According to the agreement signed between the University of Kufa and the University of Tehran's cultural and scientific exchange visit of the Iranian delegation, which included both: d. The largest Arab Hosseini Associate Science in the College of Agriculture at the University of Tehran, and Mohammad Dar and coordinator of cultural and foreign relations of the University of Tehran. College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, as he was welcomed by Mr. Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Professor Dr. Fadhil Hussein Al-Sahaf and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Iyad Kazim Ancoche and Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr. Alaa Idan al-Badri, the Heads of Departments and Assistant Professor Sadiq Hamid small. Sahaf For his part, welcomed the delegation and the Iranian stressed during his speech about the importance of international cooperation between developed universities, which is one of the cultural and cognitive standards, which is measured by the development of societies and improve the institutions of higher education to high levels based on global competition in the paths of science and knowledge, scientific research and to acquire scientific and practical experience of by participating conferences, workshops and training courses between the kidneys, as the College board has been held a meeting with the visiting delegation to discuss the terms of the agreement signed between the two parties and ways to activate it at the moment. In the same context College Deanship delegation About the scientific departments of the college and the level of achievements of the college of research laboratories for graduate students and the initial and most important given the college versions of sober scientific journals and the most prominent posts International in overseas conferences for professors of the college and Tdrisie, also touched on the possibility of supporting some private companies Iran, the Faculty of Agriculture to establish desertification conference planned for his stay in the month of May, has also been approached delegation at the possibility of providing facilities for postgraduate students, as Al-Sahaf suggested that the delegation should be allowed the first students at the college visited the College of Agriculture at the University of Tehran during the summer holidays.

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