Ministerial delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research visit Faculty of Agriculture

Ministerial committee visited consisting of (Prof. Dr. Ismail Ajam and assistant professor Hafez Taie of green denominator University) and (assistant professor Dr. Walid Khalid Hayani and assistant professor Dr. Jamal Abdul Rahman al-Ani) from the University of Baghdad, the livestock department at the College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa for supplies human and material in the section so as to develop master's study. They were received by Prof. Dr. Fadel Al-Sahaf, Dean of the College of scientific and administrative aides, at the same level, said Dr. Aqeel Shukri, head of wealth Department of Animal: The Commission visited the department laboratories including: (nutrition laboratory, laboratory animal physiology, microbiology and lab Computing Laboratory) and were briefed on the hardware supplies laboratory where, as delegation visited the college library and check out books and periodicals, letters and Alatarih available where private and magazines Livestock Department, and during his visit, the delegation was briefed on the animal fields ruminants and the field of private poultry and plant feed poultry, and in the end of the visit delegation expressed satisfaction with the completion of all for the development of studies requirements in the upper section lifting stressing the positive recommendations to the ministry.

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