Attended by Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Faculty of Agriculture opens largest production plant for tomato paste in the region

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani opened productive plant for the production of tomato paste to the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, he was of welcoming the President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Akil Abd Yassin and his aides, and Prof. Dr. Fadel Al-Sahaf, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and his collaborators, professors faculty and students, came the opening to coincide with the University of Kufa celebrations the anniversary of its founding, al-Shahristani, during the opening of the lab praised this scientific accomplished achieved College of Agriculture, believing it to be an effective contribution to the domestic product and national industry and take advantage of the scientific expertise to support and in particular, including the output of the College of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, to harness the expertise and the elimination of unemployment through the provision of job opportunities for graduate students, Sahaf said that this done achieved by the College of Agriculture is a scientific edifice added to the national projects realized by the Iraqi government in defiance of all the schemes that are trying to undermine the progress and prosperity of the national industry, stressing communication in achieving other national projects that will meet the needs of the Iraqi citizen, without the need to import. Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, said that the plant produces (and tomato paste and jam all kinds Alkjb and Alsas and others ...).

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