Agricultural fertilizer plant in the Faculty of Agriculture achieves advanced stages of production

Application of ministry directives to make colleges and universities producer, was to begin actual production of fertilizer Bitmos (soil substitute) by agricultural fertilizer plant in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kufa, as the material Bitmos the market today are imported from abroad, so is the production Bitmos locally fan of the farmer and supports economy in the country. As it depends on synthesized in Iraq's natural resources, and under the supervision of experts and academics and specialists in the industry and examine the product, and this is the first plant of its kind in Iraq in terms of the production of organic fertilizers environmentally friendly. As the manufacturing stages do not affect the environment and the foundations of the plant on the principle of the application of sustainable agriculture and keep abreast of developments taking place in the developed world, knowing that the product competes with imported in terms of efficiency, because the product is scientifically manufacturing and inspection laboratory and field, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Professor Dr. Fadhil Hussein Al-Sahaf said in an interview that there is now a plan to produce some liquid fertilizers and organic manure and dab it that there is a great demand from local markets.

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