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Preparing the College of Agriculture / University of Kufa to establish a scientific conference third of modern technologies in agricultural production for the period from April 17 to 18

2013 under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the University of Kufa and Rehab under the slogan ( to make the desert green oasis ) .

He said assistant professor Dr. Adnan Wahab Muzaffar Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College Vice President of the Conference that the goals of the conference is to identify the modern methods in agriculture and techniques used to raise agricultural production , both animal and vegetable , conference also aims to know modern methods to control plant diseases and other pests and use optimization of machinery and equipment , agricultural machinery, also aims to identify the modern methods for the development of food processing and identification of mycotoxins and their effects on human and animal health conference also aims to address the mechanization of modern poultry farming and livestock production as well as the identification of water management and the use of drains optimally .

 As mentioned Dr Muzaffar scientific conference includes five areas: -

1 . Modern techniques in soil, water and agricultural mechanization .

2 . Modern techniques in plant protection and bio- resistance .

3 . Modern technologies in food science and dairy .

4 . Altguenat modern in the production of field crops and horticultural .

5 . Modern techniques in animal production and mechanization of poultry .

It also calls on Dr Muzaffar scientists, researchers and professors in colleges of Iraqi universities and research centers in all the ministries concerned in the terms of reference provide summaries of their research to the scientific committee at the College of Agriculture and by e-mail ([email protected] . You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and contact numbers installed on the rotor and send summaries of research not later than 01.03.2013 and send complete research for a period not to exceed 01/04/2013 .. please adhere Baltoukitat described above with appreciation .

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