Been performing a sort of honey bee hives belonging to Klahualbalg (28) kg. Were pricing at a competitive price to employees of the college exclusively by 22,000 thousand dinars tray large and 11,000 thousand dinars tray small by a committee set prices of the college and sold all packages to the employees of our college , addition, promiscuous college is one of the practical lessons that are trained college students it.

The Agricultural Committee in the College of Agriculture / University of Kufa in several activities at the college during:


Create a garden of flowers and plants next to the sports hall .


Transfer of organic fertilizers from the barns to the ground adjacent to the food processing division , for the purpose of land reclamation and cultivation.


Create Nurseries number two , near the cafeteria and direct cultivate plants , seasonal decorations and permanent .


Prepare the ground for the cultivation of vegetable crops ( Tmata and eggplant ) .


Fertilize the land planted with barley and alfalfa .


Get the 500 seedlings of various fruit trees ( Narenj ) Stroumilo , pomegranates , figs , berries , and other ...

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