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Our vision and mission

The Faculty of Agriculture is a scientific knowledge institution that seeks through its various departments to influence the society and create a state of scientific and practical activity in line with what society needs to keep abreast of modern scientific developments and their application on the ground.
the message
Preparation of scientific cadres specialized in applied agricultural sciences able to meet the requirements of the public and private sectors of qualified human cadres and conduct research and studies that contribute to improving the quality of society.
1- Preparing the cadres specialized in agricultural sciences and their field applications and providing them with the scientific and practical experiences required by the field of future work.
2- Raising the scientific and cultural awareness of graduate students and providing them with modern applied knowledge to serve the society and equip them with the necessary skills according to modern technological developments.
3 – Provide consultations and the establishment of seminars for extension of agricultural departments and research stations in the public and private sectors.