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Rules and regulations

Laws and regulations and instructions
Help test scores
1 . The student to carry identity inside the hall while test scores and highlighted the demand to do so .
2 . Does not allow the introduction of any book or paper in the exam room .
3 . Student writing trio named as evidenced in the official lists and described the oath and the Examiner article in the Arabic language and the use of ballpoint pen .
4 . Prevents speech inside the hall .
5 . Shall not be any tearing a sheet of notebook exam.
6 . Directed all inquiries to the hall official test scores only ( the supervisor ) may not speak with the observers.
7 . Do not allow any student to leave the exam room during the first half-hour of the exam and does not allow any student entering the exam room after the distribution of questions.
8 . Remains in place when the student supervisor announcement until the end of time exam test scores received books .
9 . Shall not be any student to move from his place without permission supervisor .
10 . The students to bring all their supplies and prevent metaphor inside the hall test scores .
11 . No student is allowed to perform the exam in case of breach of uniforms .
12 . The student if it is proved fraud or attempted fraud in any of the examinations daily or weekly or monthly and quarterly Raspa is final in all subjects for that year , and if repeated it separates from the university and Ergn recorded from their records.
13 . Strictly prohibited accompany the student ( Mobile ) to the hall test scores .
14 . Ignorance is not an excuse for points above offenders .
Instructions discipline of students in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Article 1 – is committed to the student , including the following :
First – compliance with laws and regulations and instructions and orders issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its institutions ( university , body , college, Institute ) .
Secondly – not compromising religious beliefs or national unity or nationalist sentiment bad or deliberately stirring sectarian strife , ethnic or religious or words actually .
Thirdly – not to harm the reputation of the ministry or its institutions or by saying the act inside or outside .
Fourthly – Avoid all incompatible with the behavior of university discipline and a high respect for the administration , faculty , staff and relationships fellowship and cooperation among students .
Fifthly – True disorderly behavior that will affect him positively on appointment and nomination of missions and fellowships .
VI – to refrain from any action that would prejudice public order and tranquility and serenity within the campus or participate in it and abetting or covering up the performers .
Seventh – Maintaining the school supplies and property of the university.