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Department of Animal Production

The department is an advanced enlightenment center for education, scientific research and scientific consulting for investment projects on the local, regional and global level. Our Department adopts some plans such as the quality and reliability criteria for preparing graduate students are able to provide food and realize food security.
Follow the latest global and advanced educational systems to prepare agricultural engineers and researchers to meet the needs of the labor market and community service.


1- Provide an excellent educational environment for students in animal science to develop their capabilities to be responsible in society.
2- Motivating scientific research through the participation of faculty members and students to support community development.
3- Community awareness of the importance of safety and health of livestock products.
4- Providing research and service institutions with cadres specialized in basic and applied research as well as holding seminars and scientific lectures within and outside the college.


Infrastructure of the department
1- Classrooms: There are several classrooms with a capacity of 30 students.
2- Laboratory: There are five laboratories in the department; a computer lab, chemistry lab, physiology lab, public health lab, and animal nutrition lab.
3- Two types of animal fields:
A- Poultry field: There are four rooms for a very modern poultry; research, duck breeding , turkey breeding, and domestic chicken room.
B- There are three barns for raising sheep, cows, and buffaloes, besides other rooms such as delivery and veterinarian rooms.
Certificate awarded by the department
The degree of Bachelor in Agricultural Science-Animal production is awarded by the University of Kufa.



Our department was opened in the 2006-2007 academic year has been receiving students after preparing all personnel, educational and training requirements to be a knowledge branch added to the scientific conduct.  The first alumni group of our department was graduated in the academic year 2009-2010. In addition, our department will be given special attention to the field of livestock, poultry, animal nutrition and management, as well as animal physiology and breeding and their applications in various areas of natural resource related to agriculture in general. Moreover, contributing to improve students as elements of effective leadership in society and building our Iraqi community.


Academic Program Specification Form For Animal Production Department

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