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Department of Food Science

Our Department is globally accredited center for education and research, consulting, and a pioneer in the areas of food science and human nutrition in Iraq and other regions. Also, this Department has excellence in education and scientific research as well as community service in the field of food industries in both public and private sectors.
Development and transfer of knowledge and technology in the areas of food science and human nutrition, plus provide sources of knowledge and the possibilities of research and training for community service.
1- Rehabilitation specialists in the field of food science knowledge and skills relevant to the labor market.
2- The development of knowledge in the field of food science through applied research.
3- The transfer of knowledge through written and translated books in the field of food science.
4- The dissemination of knowledge in the areas of food science and human nutrition and take action to apply to serve the community.
5- Community awareness to the health food and the role of human nutrition in promoting health and preventing disease.
Welcome From the Chief of Department

The Department of Food Science in agricultural colleges in Iraq belongs to the six colleges of agriculture in Iraq, including our college. This Department established in 2007 to serve our society and people capable to manage the process of the food industry, and to teach Food Science and manufacture of chemistry and Technology grain and finally the manufacture of dairy products. Our students can receive the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Food Science) to keep up with scientific advances in our field. Students working in the food industry can improve the health of our citizens and strengthen the scientific communication with other Arab and foreign universities for exchange experiences and hold seminars.



Department of Food Science was established in 2007 to be an independent scientific department cares about science education specializing in nutrition and food and dairy artificiality. Qualified students could obtain a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science (specializing in Food Science), which includes all areas of food science side of the food industry. They can seek to keep pace with scientific development in the area of Food Science and Nutrition, and meet the requirements of growth and development in Iraq, where the associated level of health of human being is closely linked to the level of food which in turn linked to the economic level.

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