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Department of Plant Protection

The plant protection department aspires to be the best in education and scientific research and valuable consultation that contribute to improve crops in terms of plant protection from the risk of plant pests as a benefit of society.
The department encourages to apply modern educational systems so as to create a generation of agricultural engineers and researchers capable of solving all problems related to agricultural production. Additionally, our department devotes to conduct studies and scientific research that would raise the scientific and practical level for staff specialized in the field of plant protection.


1.Dissemination of knowledge of the importance of the agricultural product safety such as a free from disease and pesticide residue, etc.
2. Conduct scientific research that contributes to explore solutions alternative to pesticides.
3. Development of awareness for farmers and agricultural community and the dissemination of modern information to obtain the best agricultural products.
4. Cooperation with other government agencies such as research centers in Najaf and other provinces in order to share experiences and knowledge about the latest developments in plant protection.



The department of plant protection was founded in 1997. Our department is interested in developing and applying agricultural sciences with respect to pest control. In view of the natural obstacles faced by the agricultural sector under the circumstances in Iraq, the department faces big challenges in providing solutions to all problems facing the agricultural sector. As a result, the department strives to improve the efficiency and sustainability of production by graduating highly qualified staff and applying scientific research. The plant protection department awards a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agricultural sciences (plant protection) and a doctorate in relevant specializations such as (plant diseases, insects, pesticides, fungi, etc.).

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