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Teaching in our college registers new types of bushes

Teaching from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa. Bashar Kazem Hadi recorded two types of bushes ( Cuscuta pentagona and Cuscuta australis ) for the first time in Iraq in addition to seven new strains of Cuscuta campestris and published in the Journal of Research in Ecology (Journal of Research in Ecology)

The study was entitled (Molecular and Molecular Diagnosis of Cuscuta spp.

The Cuscuta species is represented by fourteen species distributed in all regions of Iraq. Most species that belong to this species cause a major problem in many fields of agricultural crops including the family plants that are strongly affected by this parasitic. Ten strains of Cuscuta were recorded in the NCBI database for the first time, which were anatomically proven in addition to some other traits.

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