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Discussion of master student Umm Al-Banin Hussein Hadi Al-Haddad

The student Umm Al-Banin Hussein Hadi Al-Haddad from the Department of Animal Production – Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa, defended her master thesis entitled (Comparison of the pre-prepared local mixture with the importer on the productive and physiological performance of broiler meat) under the supervision of Prof. Ali Mahmoud Al-Kassar.
     The study is based on the use of powder leaves of the local caraway plant Medicago Hospida, with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sources of lime, phosphates, antioxidants, preservatives and anti-molds, so that it corresponds to the importer from the Netherlands and Turkey which carry soybean meal or yellow corn gluten are more expensive. The results indicated that the local gave results with the weight of birds and the rest of the blood characteristics very close to the importer and the differences were not significant with the production characteristics. However, the differences were significant and great in terms of economic feasibility.
After extensive discussion, the letter was accepted by a decision of the Committee.

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