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Rules and regulations

Laws, regulations, and instructions
Exam instructions
1 . The student must carry identity while examination period, and show it when requested to do so.
2 . It is not allowed to enter any book or paper inside the examination hall.
3. The student must write in Arabic full name as shown in the official lists, grade, department, and subject, using a pen.
4. It is forbidden to speak in the hall.
5 . Shall not be any tearing a sheet of an exam notebook.
6. All inquiries are directed to the examination hall director only, however, it is not allowed to speak with the proctors.
7. It is not allowed for a student to leave the exam hall during the first half hour of the exam, just as no student is allowed to enter the exam hall after distributing questions.
8. Students should remain in place when the proctor announces the end of the exam time until receiving all exam notebooks.
9 . Shall not be any student to move from his/her place without a proctor permission.
10. Students must bring all their supplies and prevent borrowing inside the examination hall.
11. Students are not allowed to take the exam when violating the uniform.
12. If a student cheats or attempts to cheat in any of the daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly final exams, it is considered a failure in all subjects for that year. If this cheating is repeated, the student shall be dismissed from the university and registration record.
13. It is strictly forbidden for students to bring their cell-phone while examining.
14. Ignorance of the above instructions  is not an excuse for violators.


Instructions for students’ discipline in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Article -1- Student is committed to the following:
First – Compliance with laws, regulations, instructions, and orders issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its institutions ( University , Faculty, College, institute).
Second – Not to prejudice religious beliefs, national unity, or nationalist sentiments with bad or intentionally provoking sectarian or ethnic, or religious strife  by action or word.
Third – Not to violate the reputation of the Ministry or its institutions, whether inside or outside it by action or word.
Fourth – Avoid all incompatible with the university manner such as high discipline, respect for the administration and faculty, as well as friendship and cooperation among students.
Fifth – Strict discipline that will positively influence student when applying for position or scholarship.
Sixth – Avoid any action that would violate the system and peace on campus, or avoid participating or instigating theses violations or covering up the violators.
Seventh – Maintaining the scholastic supplies and property of the university.
Eighth – Not to disturb good study conduct in the college.
Ninth – Compliance with uniform.
Tenth – Avoid calling for establishing organizations that deepen discrimination or practice any type of political, religious or social persecution.
Eleventh – Avoid propaganda for any party, political organization, or national or sectarian group, whether by holding pictures, posters, or seminars.
Twelfth – Not to invite party individuals on campus in order to present lectures or hold partisan or religious propaganda seminars.